Edit existing GIF image?

Feb 25, 2016 at 11:13 AM
Edited Feb 25, 2016 at 11:17 AM
I really LOVE this program for making previews of my applications and projects. It is amazing as besides this, Mac users have the most amazing GIF animation software and us WIndows users are left behind.

This program is filling the gap between us and Mac's program though as this one can create amazing GIF's once you get the hang of it.

A feature I use a lot is to insert new Frame Image sometimes with a solid background color and text on top and other times with text on top of a blurred frame.

I then use the transitions feature to have the animation fade in and out of these text frames.

The result is just beautiful and very professional looking.

So there are lots of great features that make this the best Windows GIF editor however there are some things that drive me crazy as well!....

  • I'll spend 20 minutes editing a GIF and then all of a sudden i'll do an action and the program will crash with a runtime error popup and then I lose all my work! Image
  • Often I'll spend 20-30 minutes editing a GIF animation and have it looking great. I'll go ahead and save it thinking I am done with it just to realize I need to make more edits....there is no way to open an existing GIF though so I am left to completely redo the image animation =(
So my super, will pay $$ feature would be the ability to:
  • save and continue editing. Currently once you save the GIF, it closes the image and you can no longer edit it anymore!)
  • open existing GIF to edit.
  • The awesome Mac software for GIFs allows you to do amazing transitions like zooming in and out on the image. So for example when showcasing an app, they can make the image show a feature/section and then have it like transition with a zoom in on the section of the app and zoom back out when done. This isn't all that important on my wishlist as much as being able to open and edit GIFs is something I really wish this app could do!
I have tested and used pretty much all the WIndows GIF animation editors that I can find and Screen2GIF is the best! I started out using LiceCap, then I discovered GIFCam which is far better than LiceCap but still not the best and is missing some features. THen I won the GIF software lottery and camne across Screen2Gif! It has all the features the other apps are missing and the quality of images are far greater than the others create too.

So realistically, is there any plans to ever add the capability to open a GIF and edit it just as if you had just finished recording it?

Thanks for the great software, looking forward to the future of it!


I just saw the newer version and see tyhere are a ton of amazing features that my version doesnt have so that is amazing....probably solved my wishlist already too!
Feb 27, 2016 at 4:00 AM
Hi jasondavis,

Thanks for your detailed feedback, I really enjoy to know that people out there use my app! :D

This issue (from the image) looks like it was caused by something before the Grayscale button was clicked. It was a lockdown of a file that didn't close properly. :/

  • You can save and continue editing by two ways: By saving as project or as a gif/video.
    I recommend to use Save as Project because there is no loss of quality. If you save as a Gif or Video, there is a quality penalty.
  • You can open or insert a gif. If the inserted frames have a different Width or Height you'll be prompted to resize the recording (and repositioning the frame).
  • The only things left from the old version of ScreenToGif that I still have to implement are the Color Filter and Transitions, and I'm currently working on the later.
PS: You can open a gif to edit with the old version by dragging into the program's shortcut or .exe, but it has a bug with the delay (it is fixed to 66ms).