This tool allows you to record a selected area of your screen and save it as a Gif.

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  • Record your screen and save directly to a gif looped animation.
  • Pause and continue to record.
  • Move the window around to record what you want.
  • You can add Text, Subtitles and Title Frames.
  • Edit the frames, add filters, revert, make yoyo style, change frame delay, add border, add progress bars.
  • Export frames.
  • Crop and Resize.
  • You can work even while the program is recording.
  • Remove frames that you don't want.
  • Select a folder to save the file automatically or select one before enconding.
  • Add the system cursor to your recording.
  • Very small sized, portable and multilanguage executable.
  • Start/Pause and stop your recording using your F keys.
  • Multi language: Portuguese, Spanish, Romanian, Russian, Swedish, Greek, French, Simplified Chinese, Italian, Vietnamese and Tamil.
  • GreenScreen unchanged pixels to save kilobytes.
  • You can apply actions/filters to selected frames.
  • Fullscreen Recording.
  • Snapshot Mode.
  • Drag and Drop to add frames in the editor.

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